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    Happy Tree Friends

    Feliciano Vargas
    Feliciano Vargas

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    Happy Tree Friends Empty Happy Tree Friends

    Post  Feliciano Vargas on April 20th 2012, 6:27 pm

    Happy Tree Friends Screenshot2012-04-20at12750PM-2-1Happy Tree Friends Screenshot2012-04-20at14625PM-1

    Happy Tree Friend's Forum!

    This forum is fairly new, created by our very own Hetalia Role Player and its for Happy Tree Friends fan/supporters. Happy Tree Friends is an innocent tragic cartoon created by Mondo animations. They are originally created as critters but the Happy Tree Friends fandom, made a fanon human version of the characters. Personalities of each characters can be interesting, and the animation holds no plot, therefore creativity and plot thinking for a role play can be easy. Fighting, action, or even for the fun part, romance, friendly dates. Sounds fun!

    The Forum's Head Administrator is
    // Alfred F. Jones or Viktor Braginski

    The other Administrator are
    // Elizabeta Hedevary
    // Dominika Braginski

    // Viorica Dumitru
    // Marguerite Williams
    // Eireann Kirkland
    // Alex A. Jones

    O.o Wow, you guys have a lot of characters, I just noticed that. Hope you can handle them all!

    Happy Tree Friends 2ahs8ig

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